Merric Vas

Dashing Human Swashbuckler




Merric Vas is divinely called to avenge his brother’s death. Jericho Vas, a powerful paladin, was slain at the Worldwound border by a demon while fulfilling his life’s purpose in the Mendevian Crusade.

In his younger years Merric, unlike his brother, lived a life on the Inner Sea. Merric was destructive, both internally and externally. Following the god Rovagug, he studied the ways of destruction, believing wrath and destruction was better than mercy and creation. Until one day, a man that bested Merric decisively in combat, a high seas captain, Lord Deudermont showed him Truth.

Lord Deudermont, also known as the Inner Sea’s Blade, was known throughout the region as one of its best fencers. Kind yet deadly with the blade, Deudermont took in Merric and trained him in the way of the Rapier. Merric respected Deudermont for his self control and deadly handling of the blade. Instead of focusing on destruction of creation, as his prior ideals from Rovagug would demand, he instead turned to building of self and others.

Merric took to the Rapier quickly and practiced day and night with his critical thrusts, vowing to never again to let himself or others take advantage of those in need. Now a lethal fighter, Merric has become one with his blades almost as an extension of himself, and has found inner peace through the teachings of Iomedae.

Traveling by the Inner Sea’s Blade has left Merric deadly accurate with his blades, but his laser focus in the way of the Rapier has left him to forget the more mundane trinkets of life.

Merric received the news of his brother’s death from Lord Deudermont himself. Deudermont gave Merric his blessing to abandon his current travels at Deudermont’s side and return to Kenabres to attend his brother’s funeral.

On his travels back to Kenabres, the goodly god Cayden Cailean visited him in a dream. Cayden spoke to Merric, promising to give him freedom from his torment of his brother Jericho’s leaving of this world. Before Merric awoke from his dream, Cayden spoke one name Merric would never forget: Khorramzadeh, the demon who slew his brother.

Now, guided by righteous vengeance against a horde of demonic foes, Merric sets out to find fellow adventurers to stop evil in Mendev, once and for all.

Merric Vas

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